heads up-slaine alert

toothill man

their doing it again with a new story for our hero called carnival it starts in issue 2006 and continues in prog 1470 and is on going 8)

its got kai and ukkos back trying to give slaine a kicking and is well worth a read 8)
a simple murder mystery it is full of monsters too use and is a brilliant source of ideas 8) like the idea of using a nuckelavee as a waste desposal unit :shock: and black crom is crying out to be used as is most of the other freaks(as ukko calls them)
it finishes this week and whent on for 7 weeks so have a real treat coming up 8) the start was with issue 2006 hope you get specials as well :shock:
I hope get the speicals as well .

Are you getting Graphic Novel?

The first volume is on sale now.
yes will get it 8) far more handy than progs now if they would print some of the more obscure slaine that way it would save alot of time on e-bay :shock: the 2 I would really like are secreat commonwealth and the grail wars series as they are alot of progs worth :shock:
I think I have heard they were may be making those Slaine stories
s printed after the Horned God will be made into graphics novels as well, but don't count on it. It's only a rumor, though

As for the Book of Invasions, I am haveing alot of trouble getting it. I have mailed money to Amazon .com UK and they haven't got back to me on that. A hundred bucks down the drain if they don't send it to me.)
It also seems that all of my local Comic suppliers are boycotting 2000AD. It is so shamefu.

Anyway, Over on the 2000AD online forums there is talk of new writer for Slaine who is supposed to be re-writing early Slaine stories into a
written novel, ( Not a graphic Novel.) Should be out next Xmas.

Just take a link over to this site.


The name itself, 'Slaine : Exile' sounds alot like R.A.Salvatores. Dark Elf novel of the similar name called 'Exile' Book two of the Dark Elf Trilodgy.
One of my favorite tales.

Just won't be the same without the other writer.
will buy it as it is slaine but hope it is good :shock: and hope you get the books :shock: why is there a american boycott on 2000AD :shock:
I am a Australian, living in Australia. Near Brisbane, one of the more popular and more poppuilated cities.

I don't know why, none of local newsagencies aren't selling 2000AD. It is not sold locally to me, but use to be. I can still get it though, but I gotta hop on train to go to the city everytime I do. I am hoping to get the first of 'Carnival' and rest of htat story atleast.

Anyway, when I tried to order the 'Order of Invasions' from the international Comic book supplier in Brisbane they said yes, then contatced me by telephone a few days later telling me they changed their minds as they don't get in 2000AD stuff anymore. Anyway, I had noticed that their shop no longer even has a section left aside for 2000AD. They used to have a whole shelf full of the old Judge Dredd, Stontium Dog, Dr & Quinch compendiums. But the they're all gone now. Really strange, I thought.
The American tag, I get that alot.

There was a time when I could walk into any newsagency and pick up the old 2000Ad comic.

It was really strange the last time I went into two of major stores that deal in imported comics () In my local city.) and it looked as though both of them had been completly bought out of all thier 2000Ad's, inlcuding abunch of ould second progs that would be going back as far as the 100's and alot of the Judge Dredd grphic novels. ( Nothing on Slaine though.)
It seems like they have either been brought out. Maybe that had a sale. or thrown out. Who knows.

I remember buying my first 2000AD from a second hand store back in 86. Prog 361 featuring the first episode of 'DragonHeist'. Though at that time I didn't pay it much attention and didn't bother buying anymore. That wasn't until few years later when I had seen the character Slaine advertised in computer magazine as promotion for that computer text adventure game based on the same character. I began to show a interest in the comic book character, not knowing it was apart of 2000AD.

Then I started buying progs in the early nineties. Many of them feature the Slaine stories between DragonHeist and The Horned God. Then I lost interest, and didn't really buy anymore up until a few years ago.

Today I have a more general interest in that comic, though they are much harder to find these days. They would sell current progs in nearly all the local newagancies and older back progs in secondhand book stores and the international comic book stores in the nearest city that I have mentioned few times before.

That first secondhand bookstore that I visited is gone now.

Now most of the local newagencies don't sell 2000AD at all.

Where they do sell it, be that in the nearest cities or in some suburb on the other end of the line it sells quickly. As I just can't get them with out asking them to keep one under the counter. Which is begining to be more trouble than it is worth.

So I still pick up the new ones periodicly, if I am fortunate enough to find them and have managed to get atleast half of the 'Book of Invasions'. through the progs it has been featured in. That was the reason I started buying them again. As I flicked through afew in shop one day and noticed the new Slaine story drawn by C. Lanely. That was a few years ago, back in early 2003, I think and in a town that is a three days worth of travel in train or car. Both of which I can't afford the train ticket or the petrol to be making weekly journeys interstate. A fortnightly train jounrney that I sometimes make to the nearest city is a strain on my budget.

As for getting my hands on the new 'Book of Invasions' Graphic novel volume one. As I have said before I have tried Amazon.com.UK which involves me spending more atleast three times as much money than it iwould be sold for in a local shop. That is including the exchange between my dollars and cents to their English pounds and stirling. As far as I know Amazon have not got their hands on that money yet, and it has been just over a month since I have drafted the international cheque. Though I have bene told that overseas mail is very slow.

So, I then waited and asked if the comic book suppliers that stock alot of comics foreign to our country that have a store in my local city if they could order it in for me. Which is what they are supposed to do, it's one of their policies. Anyway, few days later they ring me back and say. No, they don't handle 2000AD comics anymore. Which is probably why they had none of the usual Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Dr & Quinch graphic novels that they normally stock. But the thing is that the guy at the counter told me when I first went in there that they had some current progs ( In their secret room.) reserved for other people that have ordered them. So I don't know wether they are boycotting 2000AD or just
me. But in my books, that really stinks.

So now, I am thinking of trying to get that book through Borders.

Why don't I just order them straight from 2000AD through credit card? Because I tore my card up years ago.
a sad tale old boy dont like companys that have secreat supplys for some and nothing for others that smacks of unfair to me as well :evil: I get alot of progs via e-bay is that another choice for you :?
I was lookking at last months free down load and wondering if the aritcle on the 'Savage' character class for the D20 system was written with the Slaine RPG in mind.

Something for a wild wandering Shoggey Beast Man to play.