Have SST box sets. [UP ON EBAY]


Hi, being a miniature fan like the rest of us.. I found that I have far too much to build on my hands.

As primarily a 40k player I feel the need to let those who enjoy SST to add to their collection. In fact, I might even split up the stuff I have so that more people can get a fair share of some OOP SST minis.

I won't be listing these on EBAY YET because Canada post is still up-in-arms. (I will be once Canada Post comes back, I will update)
But this might be a good thing, since coming across auction when you're already pressed for cash is a bummer.

Here's what I have (ALL MINT unless stated otherwise):

-CHAS x 2 *Ebay*
- King Tanker x 2 (edit x2)
- Overseer Bug *Ebay*
- Hoppers
- The INFAMOUS LAMIx20 (Movie)(no plastic wrap) *Ebay*
- SICON box?? (w/Dog, Coat, two others)
- Female CAP Troopers
- Wasp Troopers *Ebay*
- Plasma Bug
- Reliant Gun Platforms
- Pathfinders w/NeoDogs x2
- Chicken Hawk
- GUARD Warrior Bugs x 2 (hard to find, edit x2)
- Fire Fry Bugs
- Basic CAP Troopers (plastic ones)
- Burrower Bugs *new*
- Big Foot Marauder *new*
- Skinnie General and Elite Guard *ebay*
- TAC UAV *ebay*

That's all I can remember, I have to check when I get back if that's all of it. SST was a really cool thing, always loved the movies but never got a chance to even play a game of it. Thanks for looking.
This is just an update - all the auctions are over now.

I still have more SST, and I'll update this post if I decide to sell it.
Decided to sell pretty much ALL of my SST because I can't finish any project to save my life.

STAY TUNED, this time I will be avoiding FEEbay for as long as I can.
Will post pictures of what I have, again please stay tuned. Schalte Ein!

What can you expect!? MI, Arachnids and other various bugs.
Alright, sorry to keep the forum waiting I am MOVING right now.. damn this is time consuming.

The good news is that I found a BUNCH more SST boxes so there will be even more to come.
I was really hoping to find a Thorny Tanker in my collection but alas I only have King Tankers... which weigh in at over 2 lbs! LOL :lol: That's a lot of pewter.
I'm a Canadian who'd be interested in picking up some of your models (depending on price and what you're getting rid of). Any idea when you'll be posting the stuff you uncovered in the move?