Has RQ Reached the shores of America?


lastbesthope said:
Must be on the retailer only section then, not the one downloadable by the public on their website, my bad.


Ahh. They email them out to us on Friday afternoons, probably before WebGuy gets the chance to upload them early the following week ;)


Update on UK availability - Esdevium are shipping them out today so stores with their fingers on the pulse ought to have them on the shelves tomorrow! :)


Banded Mongoose
Finally got mine in my hands yesterday and can't wait to get started on it :D

Got to say though, initial impressions flicking through we're a little mixed. All that greyscale and mediocre paper - up against full colour opponents it's a little disappointing. Hope the world books etc are a little more of the quality of Conan etc...

Also noticed the rather skimpy details on the creatuers we all know and love, hope they get further in-depth Gloranthan detailing in future pubs.

However I'm going to reserve further judgement until I've had time to absorb it all. I'm just happy to see Glorantha being revitalised and a return to gamers actually gaming there after the abortion of Heroquest/wars.



The Game Castle in Anaheim, CA (now) has two copies in stock. They sold two last night, I bought two (one for me and one for my friend), and two remain.

So yes, I have it in my hot little hands. Were I not at work I'd be delving into it with reckless abandon, however now I'll have to sneak in little glimpses and pray for 4:00 to get here quickly.

I've sold 5 copies at my store in Northern Kentucky, got more coming in tomorrow.

The GM Screen is spectactular. I'm impressed overall.

atgxtg said:
In what way? Is is more that a piece of folded cardboard with tables and some artwork?

No. You see you've discovered my fetish, I just love folded cardboard.

Seriously, its Hardcover Stock(like the New WoD screen from White Wolf) & all of the tables are both (for me) easy to read & useful.

Malakor said:
Does anyone know if American Distributors have received thier shipments of Runequest yet?

I know my local game store owner is about ready to beat me with a copy of the worlds biggest dungeon if I don't stop asking him :D

it has arrived at my FLGS in Portland, Oregon, so yes.

The main reason I haven't picked it up myself is that my personal finances are in disarray, but I have about ten more days to do it. By which time the Companion should be on their shelves as well.


My preorder arrived in the store on Firday. The distrubutor had it eariler, but refused to ship it to my local gamisng store until the 8th.