Has Mr. Evil Gone Too Far

Has Mr. Evil Gone Too Far

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lastbesthope said:
Mr Evil said:
lol see princess lai never did it for me

But Leia in her Hoth outfit, how could that not do it for you :p


Boys I think she's been gettin frisky with Chewie! Dirty girl! :twisted:

lastbesthope said:
Mr Evil said:
shes just not my type !

Prerequisite for the prestige class of "Mr Evil's type":

1) Female



2) breathing (this can be optional)

3) dark hair

4) younger than me (yet legal)

5) has atleast some of her own teath

princess leia fails on 4 and poss 5 ;) but i have to admit the hoth outfit is quite ;) reminds me of an Ex especialy in the pic with chewy (think its the mouth) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me substandard ! nah i set the standard, just LBH cant keep up ;)

by the way im designing a new army for sst :D hehehe cant wait to get some pics up.

substandard no, crazy insane...probably ;)

check out Splargoth on myspace ;)
Mr Evil said:
this reminds me what happened to Veon and easyeight ?

Yeah, I miss Veon because he was as chatty as we were :lol: . I don't know about easyeight, but my guess is "real life" got in their way and altered the time they had to invest here. As for me, I'm stuck in my computer shop waiting for the phone to ring in order to remove some pest from someone's 'puter that they got while scanning for porn :lol: . I always tell them, it's like playing the computer version of russian roulette with the gun loaded full-up :lol: . I just love repeat business with no warranties, heh. Some of the other stalwarts left due to the shakeup over PPMs, which is their right if they felt slighted. I think as the time wears down towards the "second wind" release of SST and the new other products that are coming, things will pick up.
roughneck GIR said:
Mr Evil said:
this reminds me what happened to Veon and easyeight ?
Hmm I knew something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it :lol:

If Veon visits us again roughneck GIR, you might have a chance for a game or two as Veon lives in Seattle somewhere.
No. Fuck censorship.

But as an aside, I'd rather sigs be limited to a reasonable size, say, the size of a banner ad. You may think your sig is just so damn super special awesome, but after a million posts it gets old. Mongoose cuts you some slack on the avatar, so it's not a big deal.

I'm getting really tired of seeing that parrot... :twisted: