Has Mr. Evil Gone Too Far

Has Mr. Evil Gone Too Far

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  • No, Down with censorship

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Has he gone and done it this time. First of all there was his beating his brains out frustrated sig, all very funny until somebody looses and eye, I must say

But now, what has this forum come too, I am glad my grandmother is not alive to see such things on the internet.

Speak up and have your say

Disclaimer: This Poll is void of any mallice or any real intent for Mr. Evil to actually change his avitar. It is intended to be highly ammusing
I had to vote no, whilst I believe Mr Evil often goes too far, none of those incidents are anything to do with his sig, which is the subject of the poll :lol:

Mr Evils sig is rather messed up, but it tis still rather funny. DOWN WITH CENSORSHIP! Plus, I love the stormtrooper!!



I voted to change it, not because of the content (quite a nice little animation), but because I'm not a fan of large animated avatars. They distract from the posts.
i voted Change it

as that mr evil is way to cocky for his own good, plus hes his own worst enemy.

by the way who is this mr evil !
It's like that old ryme...........

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair
Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy....wuz he????

Mr. Evil is Evil..................He Australian for EVIL.................. He is what Evil strives to be................ he loves goats...but he's still an EVIL BASTARD....

Mr. Evil beat up kids
Mr. Evil kicks their shins
Mr. Evil will throw down all over your face and rip out your eye's if you stare at him the wrong way 'cause he's that kinda mean bastard who guts fish by looking at them and can shoot lazer beams from his doom eyes! and you can bet your sweet arse he's not fuzzy or wuzzy.......:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Maybe the Storm Trooper bats for the 'other side'. Maybe the Escort has an extra long tail pipe fitted. Maybe the Storm Trooper isn't thrusting forward at all !!!

I will now remove that mental image from my mind.
'He's Mr Evil, he's glorious, hes steadfast, loyal and true.
And if he doesn't like your face then this is what he will do to you!
He'll bomb your schools,
He'll nuke your church,
He'll stretch you on a rack!
He'll borrow all your garden tools,
And never give them back!'

with apologies to Dr and Quinch :D
Don't vote on this subject!!!!!!!!!!! I once had a friend who knew someone that met a person. They said this Mr. Evil guy is so BAD he will hunt you down and do something really really..... well, BAD to you. So be carefule you never know where he might be.... :shock:
Hey, Evil, How about getting the Cap troopers in on that action...
Lets see some of that action with SST...

As to your poll? HeHeHe I vote to stow the poll...

If you are really offended, I would just ask him to change it, but relly in the grounds of deplomacy, I recommend that Evil just shrink the image a little... both of them, Evil's Netfu is strong, we should all be students of such a master. I think we all have good laughs when we get in on stuff like that, but if you really have an issue, shoot him an E mail and get one on one about it. Stuff like this always gets misconstrued and turns into Flame Wars: 3 Revenge of the Keybord