Halving Rule


Banded Mongoose
I don't yet have the game (it can't come soon enough though!!), but the halving rule seems to be a real bone of contention out there.

It's probably been suggested somewhere already, but it occurs to me a better approach may be to allow a character with a skill over 100% to split their skill into two separate values, and make a roll against each, taking the best result. So a skill of 101% could split their skill into say 80% and 21%, 60% and 41%, or even 100% and 1%. Obviously they need to declare the target numbers before rolling any dice, but it should avoid most of the statistical anomolies created by the halving rule (at least, that's what my mathematically challenged brain tells me) and can't really be considered computation (which MRQ allegedly tries to avoid).

Someone with over 200% would split their skill into 3 rolls, and so on.

Just a thought anyway.

And to finish my inaugural post, a *huge* thank you to Mongoose for returning this classic to us. If you can produce supplements anything like the quality of the original RQ2 products, I will be one very happy man!
There is a PDF available at Drivethrurpg.com that covers Ralios.

It is a 41 page PDF that supplemental information not in the upcoming Glorantha book and $4.95 US.

It looks pretty good from what I've read of it. I like the Gloranthan stuff so far a lot. All backround, no adventures or hard crunch like the Pavis/Big Rubble/Griffin Mountain/Borderlands stuff of the golden age mind you (I don't really see any of that on the release schedule yet), but good stuff with plenty of hooks.
atgxtg said:
Uh, Rurik?

Wrong thread? :?

Nah, I was actually bringing up ralios because of his last bit about suplements. It is the first suplement released (a suplemental suplement?), and seems to be of good quality.

Plus one can only take so much discussing halving. :)