Ground Assault Marines don't have the skill required to use re-entry kits.


Banded Mongoose
In The Third Imperium, under the section about Imperial Marines, it says, "Lift infantry troops drop from space with re-entry capsules..." And in the same section there is information about Disposable Re-Entry Kits that require Flyer skill to operate.. But Ground Assault Marines, which are Marine lift infantry according to The Third Imperium, don't have access to Flyer skill, so how are they supposed to successfully use these disposable re-entry kits?
That does seem like a lack of foresight, since you'd be sending in the infantry.

Optionally, the onboard computer autopilots the Marine to the landing zone.

Or it's done by remote control by a specialist.

Maybe the entry will be revised, or drop troops become a specialized branch that learns flyer.
Yes, seems a bit of an oversight. But...

  • Background skills from pre-Career would easily get it at 0, more than enough just to drop out of orbit. Arguably that makes good sense as those with a matching background or skill interest would be more likely to sign up.
  • Connections Rule in character creation would you let get it easily. p.19
  • Flyer appears on the Support skills table, so at least that one branch might get it.
  • At least one career event, advanced training, would let you gain it (unlikely I know).
  • The rules for experience from training or character development (especially in the Traveller Companion) would let you learn it.
  • Software in the capsules might provide the basic skill.
  • Cyber implants could.
Oddly, it doesn't not appear as a choice on Skills Packages p.50, so they missed a trick there.
It was an oversight; however, I see a loophole — a marine who serves in Support before Ground Assault can obtain the skill.
Or, you volunteer for Marine Paratroopers.

I read 2000 AD's Rogue Trooper from the start. The Quartz Zone Massacre really sticks in my memory.
Dropping troops in from orbit seems like a really stupid way of deploying them, scattering them like dandelion seeds.
Starship Troopers is really meant as a parody. Paul Verhoeven's movie version certainly is - and that movie dropped the whole idea of drop troops altogether in favour of those hideously unstreamlined boxes on rockets.
By the way, now I know why MWM insists on Teleportation having that limitation that you can't just have thousands of psionic troopers "beaming down" on masse all at once. I mean, they could try, but have you ever put a sausage in the microwave for just one minute too long?
Basically, that limitation is there to stop the players coming up with the idea of deploying thousands of teleporting troops in. Not to mention themselves.
Honestly, I can see the next revision dropping the need to have Flyer skill, or to have the onboard computers incorporate Flyer-0, or just handwave the whole process.
The lack of flyer skill hurts. Not just when deploying from orbit, but zooming around with grav belt as well.

Luckily, flyer is DEX-based. Wearing the Battledress from the Third Imperium book, the DEX bonus alone should balance out the lack of specific skill.

Intellect programs might not help, since it’s DEX based rather than INT, unless the referee agrees to tweak the rules a bit.

Purely for orbital deployment, there’s always the assault capsules from High Guard. They seem to be auto-piloted.
I can appreciate the concept of drop pods: at it's most basic, it's an analogue for parachuting.

The more advanced versions would have a squad of battle dressed Marines and their equipment, stealthed and electronically countermeasured.

I've been trying to craft an assault glider, but anything worthwhile costs, and for a one shot spaceship, that's usually not worth it.