Grand Campaign

Who wants an offi. LW "GRAND CAMPAIGN"?

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just a question

who wants an offi. lw campaign?

a set of adventures connected to each other

A most needed supplement to LW indeed !!!
IMHO, no rpg can survive for long without some scenarios/campaigns.
I guess many people are in my situation :
- a job
- a girlfriend/boyfriend
- a few other time-consuming activities besides role-playing
- and still the will to GM from time to time to have fun with a bunch of friends.
As a result, clearly not enough spare time to build an interesting campaign from scratch (or even from some "story hooks" here and there in the main book/supplements) : finding some ideas/plots/situations, creating NPCs and weaving some intrincated interactions between them, scheduling events, ...
I (we ?) need fully-developed adventures to tune/personalize with minimum work. Without these, what's the point for me buying stuff for a game I won't be able to play ?
Errrrr... what was that ? Me ? A lazy bas(censored) ?
Mmmmmmm... I guess so too.
But it's not the point, is it ? :wink:
a big yes fot this idea

can´t wait to have a campaign book in my hands!