GM Screen for Signs and Portents Your Suggestions Please


Hi Guys, I am working on this GM screen and it will most likely see print in Signs and portents, I desperately want your feedback.
Most of these tables made it in. Now I wonder what of these you would say to keep out and really what is missing.

Now I want to present this 2 ways, Players "What is it that you think a GM should always have at their fingertips to keep your game running without distraction?"

GM's Your thoughts, Especially since now I am going to get to the Combat portion and other things besides skill check Dice. Modifiers, what must you have on the fly? Combat equations, scenarios, Random encounter table etc. Please let me know as I want to make this as good as can be and as useful as possible as that is its main purpose.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your feedback.


Terrain and overland movement 14
Hampered Movement 14
Light Sources and Illumination 14
Type of KNowlege (scholar) 62
Reputation mod (77)
Reputation effects (7
Opposed Checks (81)
Diff .Class Examples (skills) 81
Narrow surface 86
climb checks 87
concentration checks 88
DC to gather 91
Disable device 93
Restraint (escape artist) 94
Handle Animal 95
Healing (task) 97
Jump Long and high 99
Listen 101
Move silently AC penalty 101
Open Lock 101
Perform 102
Ride 102
Search 103
Sense Motive 104
Sleight of hand 104
Spot 105
Survival 105
swim 106
tumble 106
use rope 107
track 128
Defense value 159
Actions in combat Provoke? 165
Morale Bonus 190
Sorcerers soul 193
runaway magic 195
poisons 232
Detect invisible 296

Melee Attack _ BAB +STR MOD+Size Mod+other

Ranged Attack_BAB+ DEX Mod+Size mod + Range Pen.+other

Defense Value_10 or D20 +size mod+parry or dodge bonus

Dodging_10 or D20 +size mod+dodge bonus

Parrying _10 or D20 +size mod+Parry Bonus

Initiative Check_ D20 + Base Reflex save+Dex Mod.+ Other feats or bonuses

Massive Damage Save DC =10 + 1/2 damage dealt

Grapple Check_ BAB + Str. Mod+ Spec Size mod
Dump most of the skill checks. Use the landscape 3.5 screen as your guide. Don't forget a weapons/armor chart.
OK, my freind is bringing his to tomorrow nights session. Thanks for the input. I will work off that as my base.
Weapons and Armor charts!

Basic combat calculations and notes (e.g., STR mod to AP - with no mod for being in 2H or offhand, etc.).
Sorry, for the delay I am away at a conference for work for two weeks, one has passed and one coming up. I ended up redoing all of the charts and removing the graphics on the GM's side to fit more content. I have all the DC and combat stuff done, just need to work on the Adventure and Sorcery related info.

I will work on it as soon as I can.
Make sure there are a few naked to semi-naked women on there. That would increase the overall REH outlook in the game. And if you wish to have a few semi-naked men on there....well, make sure they are ravenging the women!!! Or, better yet, the women raveging the men!!!