Battle dress testing results/feedback - November


Cosmic Mongoose
Morning gents, a bit of feedback on this topic:

General Feedback

Artilley Battledress:
Armour values dropped - this wasn't a good thing. This battle dress basically traded the ability to hold a weapon (HUGE), and reduced dex bonus (Minor) for more slots (HUGE) and more armour (Minor). Now it's just more slots.
Recommend you simply state it cannot hold weapons at all or manipulate (no hands/lower arms), and increase armour above that of assault battle dress. Not by much, so basically 27/30 (aka +3 points) for the two TL levels. This would really lend to the hulking, slower, walking back-mounted/shoulder mounted weapon platform style.

Assault Battledress:
Functions well, and well balanced as the premier mix of dex, slots and armour average.

Excellent entry-level downgrade from the above.

Ceramic Battledress:
Not a meaningful enough choice. It's definitely not immune to energy attacks like it claims gents ;) It's basically, the above battledress, +8 armour vs energy for DOUBLE the price!
Recommend you balance this vs Assault battledress. So slots up to 20 and increase the protection vs energy by 10 - if you want it to be a valid choice at it's current cost.

Combat Pioneer Battledress:
1 more armour and a lot 25% less slots than the basic battledress for 50k more money... now, do we think that toolset really takes as much space as a quad-linked Gauss sniper rifle apparatus? Because thats 4 slots as well.. and even then, would you pay 50k more for the incredibly large swiss army knife thats fixed and can't be replaced by the quad linked gauss sniper? :)
Recommend you increase slots to 14, and clearly define a unique benefit for the swiss-army-knife-and-sensors ;)

Command Battledress:
You know... actually really good. 2 slot and 1 armor cost for a permanent boon to all Tactics(military) Checks.

Logistics Battledress:
Very nice. Consider a little price drop though compared to what level it's at right now.

Psi-enhanced Battledress:
Now that I see we will have Psi Commando battle-dress, then this is fine. Consider making Psi bonus round up though as a minor feel-good thing. Everybody hates round-downs! :)

***Psi-Commando Battledress:
I know this is going to make an appearance. Definitely consider increasing armour and available slots (20) on this, and making it the TL15 expensive jewel. It shouldnt be a 30 slot monster as the artillery one, but it should definitely be the "evil boss" suit ;)

Scout Battledress:
Great - except the cost benefit for those tiny slots...
Recommend upping them to 15 (16 with 1 taken for grav assist). You already have less strength and less armour to simulate the 'quick' nature of this suit.


Lots of awesome stuff. Great changes Matt dropping slot costs. So I'm only going to indicate feedback below for some recommendations:

Advanced Life Support:
Super-fat slot cost.
Recommend dropping to 2.

Enhanced Strength:
Recommend heavily that you drop slot cost to 1. Dex is actually more important over-all and you did the right thing by dropping it to 1 slot cost. I'd do the same for STR :)

Flight Pack/Grav Assist:
Ok so - Grav Assist is great. But why would I want Flight pack? Same agility, just higher speed and range for a HUGE slot cost. Why would I be using rocket-thrusters/turbines at TL-13 as well?
Recommend we simply re-classify Flight pack as TL15 Grav flight pack. We can keep it as 6 slots and everything else. Just makes more sense that all flightpack is, is a strong grav drive :)

Heavy Plating:
Clarify that each application does not increase slot cost. In fact - to make it simple, just say you get +6 armour, for 1 slot, -2 dex. Clean and straight forward, with a balanced cost-to-value ratio.

Come on.. what is this D-Day? TL13 parachutes! and at 4 SLOTS! Ok the jig is up! Replace with a grav system that is 1 slot and just slows your decent to a manageable speed.

Thats it!! Oh... except:

I know you just added the electro-static and point defense systems for vehicles. Would be great if we get the 1-3 slot versions for battle dress
Still valid for November :) I dont think you gents got the chance to update this in time however as it seems like even the Psi-Commando battledress that was mentioned didn't make it :)
Also we need to consider some sort of protection vs the plasma/energy/otherwise-one-hit-kill weapons. (either as @nerhesi suggested - improving the Ceramic battle dress or placing a modification... or both)
Yes, that is a good idea. A mod which takes X slots, absorbs certain amount of fusion/plasma attacks (to a certain armor of course) but with each shot loses potency, and have to be replaced.

The problem is ,the Fussion man-portable deal on average ~70 dmg, but since the bell curve of the 2DD, it easily shifts between 40 and 100 dmg. 40 can do nothing (to fully armored high TL battle dress), while 100 is - roll a new character.

It seems the case created here is not so much in the viability of the armour, but the possibility to deal DD with man-portable weapons (even it's possible to mount a vehicle weapon, I'm not considering those).