Gauss and Mag-Rail weaponry

So Here's the Specs :

Gauss Rifle
TL12, Range 600m, Damage 4D, Kg 4, Cr 1500, Magazine 80, Mag Cost 40, Traits AP5, Auto 3, Scope

Mag-Rail Rifle
TL 14, Range 150m, Damage 4D+3, Kg 4, Cr 2500, Magazine 30, Magazine Cost 100, Traits Auto 6

According to the CSC p.138 Mag-Rails are precluded from using variant ammo, but Gauss are not.

So I'm looking at :
Higher TL than a Gauss gun, similar damage to a Gauss, lower range than a Gauss, can only use stock ammo (unlike a Gauss).
But it comes with an insane Auto rate to cover for the fact that it's functionally blunt force trauma that's killing the target.
(shells are described as ovoid or egg shaped. Think solid metal NERF balls.)

Now I get that it's basically to let the WH40K Eldar equivalent have their shuriken launchers, but disallowing variant ammo in what is basically a burst fire linear accelerator feels weird.

Is it just me, or is that a weird setup?


Emperor Mongoose
Comparatively, cost benefit analysis weighted in favour of the gauss gun.

Might be different during a space boarding action.