Game Recap...


Cosmic Mongoose
Ok, so I have a friend or two who are like, totally pains-in-the-but over how strickt they are with their highly popular less-fun-than-paranoia-RPG. So I offer to run a session of Paranoia XP for them. They know the drill, it's a FUN game.

So I'm there yesterday (Jan 2nd) and hand out the pre-gened characters from the book. I spend 20 mins to take each one aside to explain their secret society, mutant power, etc. {Insert great bitching and moaning from the host who wants to "start playing NOW"}.

So we start (I'm running "Mr. Bubbles" from the book). My first "truly fun gaming moment" comes when, in the breifing room scene, Harry-O pulls the grenade. I read the description on how they all instinctively know it's armed and the two players closest to him do some wonderfully great things. The dude in front of Harry covers Harry's hands with his own, and Jennifer (team comm&recording officer) just stays right there next to Harry recording EVERYTHING. Next thing you know "BOOM!" the grenade goes off. Two characters dead and one tossed up against a wall. {insert much laughing and a stunned look on the faces of several players, you probably can guess which ones}.

Later they get to the IR Market. Imagine my surprise when, without ANY prompting from the GM, two of the players start selling off their weapons and grenades so they can buy some of the "better" weapons. {Ok, big grin on the GM's face while this is going on}. My unfun friend (a male who is playing Ginger-R, the female team leader) starts getting all uppity when they do this, but since his character was elsewhere in the market buying new lipstick, cigarettes, etc. he couldn't say too much IN CHARACTER.

Great fun was had by all!
The first game I ran involved an 80ft bright red Teddybotski armed with flametrhowers and crushing hug. The troubleshooters pulled the suspicious looking cone rifle with one round in it on the abomination. Guess which kind of warhead?