Flash back


Got the book yesterday and Oh how I laughed as the memories came flooding back.

The book is fantastic and a must have for any Paranoia XP fanboy.

By the way one very silly question can someone tell me what the XP stands for :oops:

Not a silly question at all, citizen. "XP" doesn't stand for anything, at least in the case of PARANOIA XP. It's a knockoff of Windows XP, and the Microsoft marketroids explained that "XP" in that case stood for "experience." So we know there must be roleplaying geeks like ourselves infiltrated in even the highest reaches of the Windows marketing department.

We chose "XP" for PARANOIA because we just couldn't think of a good name. If you have a better idea, well, it's too late now, but we're still interested in hearing it on general principle.
Anyone know if Warren Spector is the very same Warren Spector who used to work for Origin on such classics as the Ultima series?
Yes indeed, that's the same Warren. He started as an editor at Steve Jackson Games in the mid-'80s, where he was my boss on Space Gamer magazine. We wrote Send in the Clones together in 1985. Warren moved to TSR in the late '80s, where he helped manage the design of AD&D 2nd edition. Then he went to Origin, where he produced many hit games.

After a stint at the Austin, Texas office of Cambridge, MA-based Looking Glass Technologies (later Looking Glass Studios), Warren started the Austin office of Dallas-based ION Storm, where he designed and produced Deus Ex. Warren has recently started his own studio in Austin. Details remain obscure. He says it's weird to see his old PARANOIA work back in print after so long.
Cool, thanks for the info, Allen!

I have a vague recollection of the Origin team naming Ultima NPCs after themselves, and a knight called "Spector" in Ultima 7 Part II.

I think I'll have to give Deus Ex a look on his involvement alone :)
J.T. said:
Got the book yesterday and Oh how I laughed as the memories came flooding back.

The book is fantastic and a must have for any Paranoia XP fanboy

I played Paranoia back when I was in high school (we're talking 18 years ago). I really enjoyed it back then, but only as a player.

A few days ago, I was listening to a recorded Paranoia session at www.rpgmp3.com and I found myself laughing along with the Gamemaster and the players. As J.T. wrote; "the memories came flooding back."

I immediately ran to my FLGS and purchased the main book, Flashbacks and Stuff. I have The Traitor's Manual and the GM's Screen on order and in the next few weeks, I will very likely own all the other XP products that have thus far been released. The material is laugh-out-loud hysterical and while I haven't actually GMed a game (ANY game) in about 5 years, I am ready to introduce some gamers to Alpha Complex (and yes, it looks like I have an interested group at this point).

Anyway, thank you SO much for releasing this game and doing such a bang-up job with the material!

Man i've missed Paranoia just reading the main book again has brought back some fun memories of playing Ed1 when the outdoors wasn't spoken about....

Currently sorting out a mission for my guys at club Called 'Mission Certain Chance of Survival' or as the Higher Security bureaucrats in the Armed Forces will know it as 'One of our Warbots is Missing'....