Ebob Miniatures mongol figures are ideal for Hyrkanians


I just bought a set of his new mounted "Tribes of the East" figures and they are ideal for Hyrkanians (or Easterlings if you go for the more traditional fantasy settings).

Have a look, they are on offer during December!


These look pretty good and would work. Although I do think Mongoose will be pumping out some minis for Conan soon. So, buy with caution because I have made that mistake with my GW LOTR figures. Wouldn't be the end of the world to have different company's but I tend to like consistancy with the minis on the board if possible.
I bought alot of the GW LOTR mini's as well. Mostly multiples of the generic 3 packs. :)

Painted and on the board they look great and impressive...until the painted 28 mm mini's come out. :(

I sure would like to know if Mongoose has anything in the works... :wink: