Drinaxian Companion Errors


Banded Mongoose

So I've recently bought the Drinaxian Companion from Mongoose, and have noticed a massive issue regarding the PWH per ton required for building a base.

The chapter text on p.80 lists the required PWH per ton for each type of Hull as -

Underground Construction: 25
Surface Work: 5
Surface Structure: 10
Personal Access Tunnel, Underground: 200

And yet the Example Small Pirate Base on the following pages list the PWH costs per ton as:

Surface Work: 100
Underground Construction: 500
Surface Structure: 300
Personal Access Tunnel, Underground: 2000
Underground Construction: 491.304347826!!

So, which numbers are correct? How come one of the examples isn't even an integer? Why the huge delta between the rules text and the in depth example?


Banded Mongoose
Anyone? Is there any errata for this book? And if there is, why was I sent an old version? And why would my eBook also be wrong?