Done Reading the Book!




I've been readiny my copy of the Lone Wolf RPG book for the last week strait. And i've pretty much read every chapter. I enjoyed it alot. Some recomendations i have for the future would be to have higher quality art work. Perhaps more pictures of important characters/races/places..etc. Most of the art in the book had nothing to do with the material, nor was it the quality of the old gamebooks by far.

The rules were pretty sound. I enjoyed it alot. Basically most of them were strait out of the DnD Players handbook.

I love the map. But one big, huge glaring problem. IT DOESN'T DETACH FROM THE BACK OF THE BOOK! I tried pulling it out but i'll have to rip half of the cover off. You guys at mongoose use glue thats way to strong. And now, i have a map that i can't refference becuase its folded up in the back of the book!

If anyone wants more detailed reviews, (I've been a DM for years, so if you have any mechanics questions or questions in general about the book just let me know here).



Heres a suggestion: mongoose can re-print the map in an upcoming signs and portants, that we can detach. It might get other people interested in lone wolf. Matthew Sprange, what do you say?


Not a bad idea stormgod. sunwolf, heres an idea: use a box cutter and create along the edge a line. (Don't press too hard for obvious reasons). Now use a pair of small scissors and cut along the line that you just made. This should work. It is what I did, and the map came out perfectly.


Or how about including it as a pull-out map, in a future book?

I'd much prefer to have it as a pull-out for use during game.