Doing an adventure of the Gathering


First Merry Christmas list Babylonians. Hope you all get cool B5

Second. I am running the gathering at the moment.
Basiclly the players are doing stuff that is seen in the show or
more often behind the scenes and then touching the show at all the
important points. This has worked well because the players havn't
seen tons of the series so all the surprises are actual surprises.
There is no actual party. The players are connected to their racial
goverments doing things and sometimes are activly working against
the others. Luckily they are all good friends and know its within
the confines of the game and not taking it personal. Only thing is the
Earth Force players have a little more to do.

There is one thing I need help with. G'Kar goes to see the bad guy

disguised as Lyta in the alien sector and he says to her/him that
there has been a complication and they leave. What is the
complication and what do they do to try and fix it? As I have a Narn
player I want to include him in that meeting/action but I am not sure exactly what G'Kar meant.

I am not 100% sure but as it was a Narn ship that brought the assassin to B5 could he be talking about a ride out?
As Kosh was not dead then the assassin would have to stay longer than planned; maybe he was asking G'Kar to hold the ship for him to finish the job.

Just a thought.

PS. Merry Christmas!