Do you guys like MI jump-shooting?


That is my question. I myself play firing before the jump and after the jump. The idea of placing shots from a 6 inch arc with normal precision is ridiculous to me.

And I do not like the negating of cover that is the dire effect of this rule. Not that the bugs can not win, considering jump-fire, but it is to "cheesy" for my die-hard taste.
Technically, it doesn't negate cover. Jumping is primarilly for line of sight purposes (adding the hight of the jump to draw line of sight) when using it like that.
I dont like the MI jumping it is an easy tatic for them and they just use it over and over again. it gets annoying.
Well it might seem cheesy. Yer and maybe very boring to the point of gamebreaking. If it aint fun, abolish it, its a game.

but from other viewpoint that do not have to do with the wargame factor alone it is very prudent.

The book does it. Well yes they didnt have normal weapons, they went with grenades, flamers and missiles.

It would even give a advantage in reality.

Though maybe something like a negative on the die roll could be possible to indicate shakeup during jump. Mostly because the SST flight capability is like Battletech, you cheat gravity by employing as much thurst downward as possible. Jump not actual controlled flight.

But preferably it should be kept in, as i think it is very stylish and gives a nice atmosphere to the army. It shouldnt be a one-trick-pony though.
Hiro, in the many many threads on that topoic it was never actually confirmed that that's how it's suppose to work (in terms of adding the hieght of the jump to the line of sight). Has someone actually confirmed it since the last time this question was asked? If that is how it works, than WASP troopers will always have line of sight to everything as hover has no vertical limit. Seems a bit beardy.
Quark - Woopsie? *hides stuff*

Seriously, there's an article on urban terrain that casts light on this subject in one of the Signs and Portants.
Elevation actually.

And I got something more than that...but...well, while I don't think it'll see the light of day till later this year, it'll make people happy.... If it gets published.
Its a legitimate Tactic for the Army.

You might as well moan about Concealed Tunnel Entrances, or Boneshard Weapons (oh, sorry some people already have).

In 'real life'
(Starship Troopers is real I tell you REAL), if a specific Tactic works on repeated use - it gets used.

Its part of the Army, I suggest you learn to cope
If you want a way to counter jumping I could write a long post just about contering MI jumps...

Let's see...


Plasma fire
Id sending


Well, half of them jump too!
Ambushing squads

Jumping really isn't overpowered, it's just that some players haven't learned to counter it yet... New article idea... :wink:
Have to agree with Lt Raszak on this.

It is how the rules currently work and it is how it worked in the book.

If you do not like the idea of move and shoot and hit with a degree of accuracy well real life is really tough because, US Navy Seals, Special Forces, Delta Teams, Force Recon, Army Rangers etc.etc. are all taught to shoot during movement.

Better training which allows this is one functional defference between PAMI and LAMI.

If you cannot do well against the abilities your MI opponents pays for with PAMI maybe you can get him to face you using only LAMI, no Exos, no Marauders and perhaps no TAC UAV or air assets.

If you cannot beat him then don't let him have Nukes or Fleet Assets.

Just kidding about that last bit in green, if the jumping and shooting bothers you why not eliminate everything that presents a tactical problem for you in the whole game.

If you are Bug players I am sure you love tunnelling, Endless tide, ability to change lunit leaders every action, Carrion Bugs, Special Offensive Talents etc. etc.

Skinnies love Ambush Venerables and Boneshard Rifles and Neural Beamers etc.

Every army has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is the nature of this game and the basis for the fun of playing this game. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Have fun enjoy.
I'm with Cuda and the LT on this one. Jump-shooting by PAMI is a major part of their advantages - in a standup fight with the bugs they'll die and be a cheap funeral.

That said, I thought the OP was talking about not firing mid-jump rather than juping and firing in general
You guys got me wrong. . .

I defeated every MI player so far with bugs. . .

It is that special movement breaks the rule of one action for move and one for shoot.

If you could make a special movement, once per turn, as a usual action, it would fit fine into the game mechanic.
Umm....huh? It doesn't break the's right there in the rules allowing you, during a special move action (except climb and tunnel), to take a shoot action. You even have to be readied to use that ability....
frankly, to me it's the taste of the army. MI are jumping around like gummibears, skinnies..well, they jump too, but can also ambush, and bugs burrow underground. eliminate one of this-tunneling/MI jumping/Skinnie ambushing(ok, i haven't yet played against skinnies so i'm not certain here) and the balance goes to hell- overground bugs are likely to be butchered by jumping MI, footslugging MI(other than cannon fodder, i mean, LAMI) means they will get overrun by bugs-probably sooner than later.
Richgo22 said:
You guys got me wrong. . .

I defeated every MI player so far with bugs. . .

It is that special movement breaks the rule of one action for move and one for shoot.

If you could make a special movement, once per turn, as a usual action, it would fit fine into the game mechanic.

Well, it really takes TWO actions... One to READY, and the second to JUMP.
Well, as a bug player I must say that that when the enemy MI are kept on the bounce I easily get frustrated (usually the only solution is to bring Hoppers along and use superior speed, herd them into a corner, or blaze away with a Plasma Bug - though the latter is not something you can rely on - damn those nukes...), but I can't say it's really unbalancing. True, it can sometimes cost you the game, but consider the fact that a standard PAMI trooper is 25pts for the 12" jump and a Morita (which has a hard time killing even basic Warriors with only 2xD6 and no Piercing). Also, the truth is that if you manage to catch the MI squad and get into close combat, it's all over. Even if you can only reach them with two or three surviving warrior bugs, usually that's all you need to rip the hearts out of a 5 man squad.
Also, I'd like to point out that this is something that we've been discussing about the update, so don't worry too much about it. If it really is too powerful, it'll be changed.