Do Troubleshooters Dream of Electric Sheep ?


Actually an old White Dwarf adventure for Paranoia, the title does present an interesting question though.

In a recent foray into Alpha Complex my groups party of troubleshooters were due to be interrupted from their sleep once again to serve the Computer. Just out of curiousity I asked each player "What is your troubleshooter dreaming of ?". Their replies were definitely worth a few perversity points for originality and entertainment.

Player 1 "I am dreaming of living in Alpha Complex and working happily at my service firm, blissfully serving my friend The Computer"

Player 2 "I am dreaming of Teela O as my night-cycle hormone suppresants start to wear off"

Player 3 "I am using my mutation to look in on what Player 2 is dreaming !"

Player 4 "I am dreaming of the glorious revolution, when citizen Sta-R-LIN will lead us against the evil bourgeoise oppression of The Computer and its capitalist regime"

Of course, everyone wanted to accuse Player 4 of treason but dreams, for now, are not evidence of treason. Until the Computer installs dream monitors that is !

Encourage treasonous dreaming by awarding Perversity Points, then next time a player tries to gain some points by dreaming about blowing up the computer, wake him up and inform him "Thanks to sophisticated new dream monitoring equipment developed by R&D the Computer has recorded your dream and found evidence of treasonous thoughts in your subconscious, please report to the nearest termination booth immediately. Have a nice day " :D
A useful and productive tip, citizen Travire. A resourceful Gamemaster might well start tailoring missions to include scenes from the Troubleshooters' dreams, thereby evoking deja vu and, in all likelihood, tremulous dread.
Hee. New Mutation - Dream Voyeur
When you sleep, you dream the dreams of the people around you. With a successful Power check, you can remember some of these dreams when you awaken. Note that you pick up the dreams of everyone sleeping in the same location (i.e. everyone within the same barracks) and cannot normally tell who dreamed what. So, you might dream about
* Killing yourself
* Killing yourself
* Killing yourself
* Being Eaten By A Strangely Furry Computer Screen
but would be unable to tell which three of your team-mates are plotting your death, and which one has, well, deep issues.

On a failed check, you either do not remember any dreams, or remember your own dreams.
I had a dream in which I ate my pillow, and when I woke up my giant marshmallow was gone.......

Sorry ! Couldn't resist :D