Demons of MWWG


I've gotten around to the part of my new MWWG character creation guide where players can decide whether they want to make a human, demon, or other type of character. This requires me to determine how to create a demon character PC.

(I also have the Infernum sourcebooks, although I haven't had a chance to study them. That should get a priority, definitely.)

My plan is that there are three different areas of the earth where demons have arisen: California, India, and the Sea of Japan. What I would like to do is to type up something giving demons from each area their own characteristics. I'm looking for ideas on what I can do.

The Batwinged Bimbos would be an example of a California demon. That would also include the various soul-swapping hucksters. Another type of California demon are hulking monsters who make good mafia enforcers, shock troops, or lumbering brutes who join a party and try not to get in the way too much but when the fighting starts they can really lay a lot of major smack down.

The demons from the Sea of Japan invaded Korea, where they started a Korean Empire. (Change the 'K' to a 'G' and you get "Gorean", which I am basing this idea on.) Based on watching Inuyasha, the east Asian demons would be a lot weirder and nastier than their American cousins.

I'm not sure what to do with the Indian demons, but felt I needed three areas, and I'm sure the Indians have a lot of interesting concepts I can use. I think that the Rakasha from D&D are inspired by Indian legends, and the Mariliths from that game would also seem to fit right in.

Any ideas on how to make ways to differentiate these demons would be appreciated.
I posted a similar question on another forum, and we came up with the idea of having the Indian demons trying to corrupt people through use of occult knowledge and religion. This fits in with the idea of the guru on the mountaintop,

or the modern idea of the tech support guy working in India.

My thought is to use the basic six types of Demons from the Monster Manual for India, and a number of subtypes. ("That would be a Type IIIa demon, subtype 7 mark 12")