Darklands preview is up!


The Darklands preview is now up and I notice the addition of corruption similar to the rules presented in the Conan RPG (Brilliant as I already use this method -better than alignment in my book).

We also see a few other knick-knacks and then we have the preview of the DARK WARRIOR and the DEATH KNIGHT ADVANCED CLASS!!!

thanks 'gooses but next time can you guys warn me so I can wear a bib and not drool over myself while I view the preview in anticipation of its release ;)

The people at Mongoose are like drug dealers. I was debating if I will buy the book. I read the preview, wanted more, decided will by book, and now impatient to get it. I got my free dose, and now I want more and will pay for it :)
Looks great! Unfortunately on the homepage the darklands book has been pushed back to next month. :(

I still find it hard to believe we are getting lone wolf books at all. :D
See they are also holding out on us, trying to drive the addiction up... *lol* (I hope people know I am just joking, no ill feeling to anyone here).

It is pretty cool, we are getting a Darkland book and their is talk of a Magic Book, the future looks bright for Lone Wolf fans.
The Corruption rules are sweet... great way to add depth and ambiance to the game.

Overall another book to drool for, good job guys!

The right handed spells,all three that were shown, look sweet.
The right handed spells,all three that were shown, look sweet.
I was the first person to ask for the preview, and it seems I am to be denied! Why, oh why do the previews not load for me? The links just take me back to the site's homepage....


I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow :(
and now that the links work for me, yet again, I am impressed with the work Mongoose has obviously put into this old favorite of mine.

It looks like you've got another hit on your hands. I'd like to thank you for giving me even more to look forward to in these coming weeks!

Ahem, if I may paraphrase an old saying near and dear to my heart:
"Make Mine Mongoose!"

(That didn't come across like some idiot fan-boy, did it? :roll: Oh well, no one's perfect....)