Return of the Kai

Sir Brad

Ok, LW is mostly a backup game for my gang and it can be a long time between drinks for any one of the four campaigns we have going, we play when the right folks can't show up for our regular games and we have the right people for a LW game. over the weekend we started Corruption of Ikaya (working from the PDF since my Pre-Order hasn't arrived yet) with our original Kai characters from when the MPGB first came out they are.

Moon Fox
CS 15, EP 26, WP 21 (WP not used at this time)
Healing, 6th Scene, Mind Shield, Mind Over Matter, Animal Friendship, Mind Blast, Camouflage.
Special Items: Moon Stone Pendant (Special Item, Aids Healing)

Long silver hair, pale gray eyes, fair skin with a slight frame. Moon Fox looks like the last person you would expect to be a Kai, most would take her for the frail timid daughter of some urban gentry or lesser lord, an orphan from a small village in the Royal Estates, raised by her father after her mother died in childbirth until his death in a fire at the village mill. Moon Fox has a natural gift for healing both in the Mundane and Kai Disciplines, she also has a gift in the more Metaphysical Disciplines, but little talent or interest in the more militant aspects of the Orders training.

Dark Wolf
CS 19, EP 29, WP 17
Weaponskill: Broadsword, Hunting, Tracking, Camouflage, Mindblast, 6th Scene, Healing.
Speciality Items: Dakkar Broadsword (Weapon, +1CS Blessed)

Black hair, dark eyes, pale skin and an athletic build with many features that favor his Darkkar father who raped his mother. Dark Wolf is a intense young man who if not for his ommnace foreboding could be described as hansom. a loaner by both choice and circumstance few other students will associate with as his mere presence makes them uneasy and his tendency to push to hard in combat training leads to physical and nervous exhaustion and more than the occasional injury. a naturally skilled woodsman he also has displayed a gift for the weapons of his fathers people being skilled in the use of spear, Bow and to a lesser extent the Grate Warhammer, but his favored weapon is the Broadsword that he welds as easily with one hand or two. He carries a Dakkar Broadsword of superior workmanship taken from a Death Knight he defeated in single combat.

Red Fox
CS 18, EP 27, WP 15
Weaponskill: Bow, Hunting, Tracking, Animal Friendship, Camouflage, Healing.
Special Items: Grey Oak Bow (Weapon +1CS), 6 Blessed Arrows (Special Item)

Auburn Hair, green eyes, fair skin slight to athletic build. Friendly and open Red Fox would be a fine leader (and likely one day will be) if not for her playful and independent nature skilled in woodcraft, few would believe she spent the first years of her life as the daughter of one of Sommerlunds grate houses. Red Fox has heard the call of nature and her wilder side, she possesses an affinity for animals and is an expert Archer.

Swift Wind
CS 17, EP 28, WP 19
Weaponskill: Sword, Mind Over Matter, Mindshield, Hunting, 6th Sence, Tracking

Light brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin athletic build. Part mystic, part warrior, part scholar, wise before his years Swift Wind appears to be everything a young Kai should be, but he doubts himself as he looks at the other students his age and sees them excelling at their chosen fields wile he is being pulled in all directions seemingly on the verge of developing half a dozen Disciplines but never quite. Other students come to him for advice and to help them study leaving him with little time for reflection and deciding where he wants to go next with his own Kai path.

I started them with only 3 disciplines and have worked them through A Merchants Task & Enemy Mine (as a three act adventure), a couple of Minies not worth a Rank Increase and Terror of the Darklands (treated it as an Epic with only 2 Rank Increases)

Sir Brad

this was before the Bestiary came out but CS 23 and EP in the 30's plus he was susceptible to Mindblast, so it was an even fight, the story I'm sticking with today is the bad guy must have bean sick that day.

Dark Wolf is a brooding Bad Ass, who despite being a Kai will sink to doing the nasty nasty things if he needs to, some mistakenly think he enjoys doing them, he doesn't he just excepts that some times you have to do what you have to do (so he lets himself go numb and dose them). He's the type of Anti-Hero you don't want to leave a Villain in the same room as unsupervised as you may come back and find your pet bad guy has had a nasty accident wile you where gone.

Zager Krahl

Hmm. This is the first Death Knight that LW encounters (10-180)

Death Knight (with spear) CS 24, EP 38, Immune to Mindblast

It must have been one sick Death Knight...

Sir Brad

Well Dark Wolf was also reduced to 0ep as well, if it wasn't for Lamspur, Moon Fox, and her Moonstone Amulet he'd be dead.

Sir Brad

Actually it's stuff that happened last season on "Tales of the Kai", given how long it's bean since we played these characters I'm treating the last lot of adventures as the previous season of a TV series, so although it is a continuation of the story some small elements have bean reset or changed or facilitate this seasons arc and to allow for shifts in charatiasion.