Cybernet - Edge Dice


solkan_uk with a question said:
Maybe I'm just missing something, but each character class gets a number of Edge Dice, but what do they do?
I assume they are somewhat similar to action points?

Squeeme with a question said:
I head the Edge Points artical and noticed that anyone can spend an Edge Die to make a crit threat into a crit hit....Doesn't that mess with the Solders Specal Ability "Deadley"? Kinda makes it useless.

Mongoose Bob with an Answer said:
Going from the web addendum;

When using edge dice with an offensive action, they cannot be spent after the rolls have been made.

You spend the edge dice before making the action. You may turn a miss into a hit, a hit into a critical and a critical into a Max Damage hit. (Natural ones always miss)

You choose one of the above before the roll and you take your chance. If you are of a high enough level you may choose more than one option.

Also by spending edge dice you are turning your standard action into a full attack action, no matter what cyberware or other abilities may say.

The Soldiers Ability Deadly, allows you to spend the Edge dice after the roll to tun a threat into an actual critical hit without rolling the die a second time.

Mongoose August with an Addition said:
Bob has this precisely correct. A Soldier's Deadly ability is useful because as the class most likely to hit in the first place, it lets them save the edge dice that others use on 'iffy' combat skills. While it may not appear very helpful in the short term, it makes a higher level soldier all the deadlier in the long run...