Converting GURPS Conan Adventures?


I managed to snag a copy of the GURPS Conan rules (go me! :)). If I remember correctly, SJG also published a bunch of solo Conan adventures to go along with the ruleset - I'm thinking of grabbing some to convert to d20.

So, how are they? Being solo adventures, could they be easily expanded to allow play with a party of adventurers? Anyone convert them to the d20 Conan rules already?
I have them all, and none of them look particularly good to me, but YMMV. The TSR adventures were also very poor, with the exception of CONAN TRIUMPHANT (adapting the Robert Jordan novel, which has a lot of political intrigue in Ianthe, Ophir as well as "smash the evil cult" plot).
Cool. Thanks, Chef! I own TSR's Conan Unchained! which was less than spectacular, so I know what you mean.

I'll try and find a copy of Conan Triumphant. You can't go wrong with a good "smash the cult" plotline...
I bought CB1 & CB2 some years ago at Wargames West in Albuquerque NM for $3 each - agreed, they're not impressive, although back in UK I sold CB2 for £5 so I wasn't too out of pocket. :)

None of these old Conan scenarios seem to get the Conan spirit the way the new RPG does.