Convention Traveller Q&A

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Banded Mongoose
OK, it looks like I'm going to be running some Mongoose Traveller 2e games at a couple of local conventions. There's definitely going to be some questions from convention attendees. So what do you think that people should know about Traveller, especially MgT 2e?
Mongoose Traveller 2e is the latest, and arguably the best, iteration of a sci fi rpg that is close to its 50th birthday and has stood the test of time.
It is a toolkit that allows you to build any sci fi universe you can imagine, or you can use one of the pre-existing universes.
The long running Third Imperium (Official Traveller Universe) setting has a wealth of supplementary material available for it, for a harder sci fi experience you may want to take a look at Traveller 2300. An even harder near future sci fi setting called Pioneer is in the works.
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