Conan: Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Savage Barbarian

Lysander said:
I am member of the Borders Bookstore club (or whatever they call it-but anyone can get the card) and i went in to buy the book today. At the checkout (to my surprise) they discounted my price by 50%..I paid about $13.00 after tax for a $25.00 book. I would recommend that anyone with the Borders card pick up the book...can't beat the price.

BTW, the book is beautiful and a great complement to all the Conan stuff I have.
Yep, I got also got my copy with that discount. Which was good because, I did not have a lot money to spend on a $25 book. And yes, Its a dame good book!

skree said:
i recently purchsed this item and i notice that there is a a massive error!!!!,,from pages 49 to 61 there is 13 pages of text missing!!!!!! :shock: :cry: :x
Wow, that sucks! You need to get a replacement copy. Thats a whole chapter missing! Corsair of the Back Coast, with art and info on the Black Coast, Amra, Belit (and her death), the Vale of Lost Women, the Hundred-Headed Monster (& the Snout in the Dark). You got short changed!
Hervé said:
A beautiful book and a wonderful tool for players who are not Conan specialists. It's far better than any Players guide to set the mood of the hyborian world.
Fully agreed! Wonderful tool, and nice read.