Conan Siege Adventure!


I originally posted this in the 'What should Mongoose Publish Next' Forum but I really would like to see this adventure happen so I thought I would post it here as well(apologies to those who already read it). I just watched Kingdom of Heaven and really loved the siege images and thought that a Conan siege adventure could be a big seller while being unique as well. Here's my original post:

I'm reading the great supplement The Free Companies and can see enormous potential for a great RPG adventure - a siege of a Hyborian city! I see this as a generic type city a GM can insert into his/her campaign and where the PC's could be either defending the city or attacking it. Either way the adventure could start out with a battle on the open plains utilizing the great narrative battle system described in The Free Companies. The adventure could use the Tools of Warfare and Magic of Warfare on each side and/or use some of the adventure seeds from the book.

I think it would be unique if written for PC's to use no matter if they are defending or attacking - it would depend on the GM and where it would make the most sense in the campaign. It could include a detailed description of the city (a map) and the cities resources and units. The MC and the PC’s actions would determine the cities fate!
Malhavoc Press' Cry Havoc has some great material on mass combat and sieges that I have been integrating into the Conan RPG ruleset. Some things have to be slightly adjusted, but I don't think that it will pose any big problems.
Would be nice to see something like this. I like the mass combat rules offered in the free downlaod and have used them a number of times. A "Kingdom of Heaven"-type adventure/suppliment? I'd buy it :)