Adventure with Poker Game and Winning a Shop


I remember recently reading the start of an adventure where the Travellers are invited to a poker game or tournament by a patrol, highish stakes (like 5000).

In the game, the Traveller's win a ship from one of the players. The ship however is not only grounded due to mechanical issues, but also due to back-due docking fees. There is also a cargo in a warehouse, that could help pay for the docking fees and repairs, but it also has back rent that must be paid on it. Ibelive it was a Far Trader, but it might have been a Fat Trader, or anothert type of ship.

While there one element is simialr to a certain scoundrel's backstory on how he got the ship, but other elmement are completly different.

Any help in getting the name of the adventure would be much obliged.

Thank you in advance.
I know it would bug me until I found out.
Indeed! As you say, it bugs me I cant remember it.


Indeed, it is a solid set up that i could flesh out myself. But if i can remember the adventure, then its got all of the stuff already fleshed out, with even sample cargoes in the warehouse as well as sample jobs if I recall correctly. I like to work smarter not harder.