Conan RPG softcovers


I just received my copy of Free Companies which I had ordered from Amazon.

Love the book. Lots of excellent information that I'll be sure to include in my games.

Just one quick question/comment though, and this is purely an aethetic observation: will all the new Conan softcover books have the same sort of cover as Hyboria's Fiercest, or was that just a fluke?

I ask because while I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other about the covers for Free Companies or Pirate isles, I really like the look and feel of the Hyboria's Fiercest cover. It somehow feels more sturdy, while at the same time being more supple, and therefore less prone to cracking.

Anyway, I really hope that Mongoose will continue to use those new covers.

Well I haven't seen Hyborias Fiercest yet, but my newly arrived Tales of the Black Kingdoms also has a different cover; a lot less glossy than the older ones. So I guess maybe it is a trend thats here to stay.
And yeah, I like this new cover also, it just feels....nice.

Trodax - lovingly caressing his new copy of Tales

(Oh come on, admit it! I'm not the only one here who likes to fondle his Conan books! Right?.........Right?....... :p )