Conan RPG required books


I ask this because I couldn't find the answer elsewhere, and don't want to buy the Atlantean Edition without a confirmation first. Do I need any extra books such as D&D Player's or GM guide to play the Atlantean Edition of Conan RPG? Much appreciated.
Nope. Access to the SRD (which is online) helps dispel some questions not covered in the Atlantean edition.

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You don't have to buy a book just to take a look at a new class. You just need the Atlantean Edition, the Road of Kings and the Scrolls of Skellos.
As others have... kind of.. said..

You only need the Atlantean Edition Conan RPG in order to play the game. No other books are necessary.

You can access to the d20 SRD if you need to access the core d20 rules for some reason. But if you can -- it's never a bad idea to have the core D&D books (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual) around. But again, they're not necessary.

Likewise, the various Conan supplements, such as Hyboria's Fallen, Scrolls of Skelolos, and The Road of Kings, as other posters mentioned, are excellent additions to your game but -are not NECESSARY-.

Short Answer: You only need the Atlantean Edition Conan RPG core book. Enjoy.
You only need the Atlantean Edition core book to play. Heck, if you are just a player you could even get by on the Pocket Edition of the core book.

Others have mentioned the SRD, which can be found here for download or here as a nice hypertext refrence

After that you should be good to go. If you are interested in the supplements then I suggest you check out this thread for recomendations from the board.

Hope that helps.
To enjoy the RPG thoroughly I recommend buying many of Mongoose's Conan books. The only one I was not happy with was Free Companies. Obviously having a handy collection of REH's original Conan stories is the ABSOLUTE MUST, because the RPG is heavily based upon his stories, and to a lesser extent the comics of the past and present, or the movies. I recommend Road of Kings (a gazetteer, or atlas of sorts), Hyboria's Fiercest, Hyboria's Fallen, Hyboria's Finest. All the others are gravy. The hardback of the Core Rules is expensive, but (as a purchaser of the paperback edition only so far) I have heard that the Atlantean edition (the revised Core Rules) is packed with good stuff that is lacking in the paperback.
I would recommend getting Scrolls of Skelos. Even if you do not have a scholar in your group, I think it's a must.