Conan RPG maps


I think the maps in the Conan books are simply beautiful.

So beautiful that you know what?

I want a boxed set ala the lord of the rings map boxed sets by decipher containing all of the maps for the books blown up to be poster size.

What are the odds of getting one of those?!?!?




What are the odds of getting one of those?!?!?

Probably close to the same as getting struck by lightning... :p

Though I agree, I love the maps in the book. To the cartographer in question, Great Job!!!



Hey, If they released a boxed set of the maps, I know that I would buy it.
Maybe they could include some additional material to go along with it.
Like, a standardized Mitra temple, interior of a Stygian pryamid, diagrams of the different types of sailing ships.
Just some ideas. :)
Of course, if they had the maps in .png, or a high-end format like .psd then we could simply print it out ourselves. As long as the file isn't small. A nice 20+ Mb file (per map) would be great!


The maps in Road of Kings are great, but they completely boned Nemedia again! No other Hyborian map I have ever seen reduces Nemedia to a fraction of the size of Aquilonia as these maps do. From the originals of Howard to the other novel maps, through Marvel Conan and Savage Sword, to the PBM and the TSR RPG, all the maps were consistent. Then Steve Jackson's Conan map got wonky on the western border of Nemedia (which had prior always dropped straight south from the western verge of the Border Kingdom) and the overall size of Aquilonia increased dramatically -- and the Mongoose map followed suit. Not to mention the southern borders of Aquilonia and Nemedia are supposed to be about equal, yet Nemedia seems to run way too far south...

What sources are being used to change the size of Nemedia, and subsequently Brythunia, Corinthia, and Aquilonia?

And what happened to Koth, Khauran, and Zamora in the RoK maps? Khauran is waaay to far west, and Koth is much smaller than it should be.

Also, the "Four King's Cross" of Aquilonia, Ophir, Argos, and Zingara is also wrong; since when did Zingara have a trans-Alimane province? According to all prior maps (including the SJG Conan map) all four kingdoms are supposed to meet at the point where the Road of Kings crosses the Alimane... meaning Ophir has a trans-Khorotas province.

I hate to see these kinds of changes/errors creep in; the maps are otherwise beautiful.


I don't know about the RoK maps (since I didn't buy this supplement yet) but... the main Conan map seems to have a problem with the Meru country.
There's a city there which is called Sumero Tso.
But Sumero Tso is not the name of any city in Meru. It's the name of the lake/inner sea, isn't it ?



Check out this really old thread which I started.

Great minds think alike.


I really like the detail of the old Marvel comics Guide to Conan map. It's got a lot of cities and details not listed or found on any other map. I'd love to see a printable clean b+w map with the level of detail found on that old map.


I have one of those I tend to use when I am running games. It has great descriptions of the countries in it also, even details about the individual people/ significant beings in the world of Conan.
You can't find them in any comic stores near where I live, that's for sure!



well, of course after I sent that post, I scanned in that map and cleaned it up for B+W printing. It looks great at 400dpi!

Perhaps I should OCR the text for my personal use.


Darth Mikey said:
so evilschemr,

any chance you could send a copy of that map my way?

I have taken it upon myself to re-do the map in 200dpi from the original scan. I'm making it clearer, stronger, better, faster. It's taking longer than I though. Here's a lo-res version of the map with physical features and political boundaries. I still need to add in the names of things.

I've got everything separated into layers, so I can do a political only version, a physical only version, and a black and white only version.


Define "doesn't look right". What does that mean? Perhaps you could show me your map so that I can see how to make a proper map look right.
I like the map. I like the mountain textures, and the rivers look excellent. There should be no mountains around the border of Khauran (according to 'A Witch Shall Be Born'), however. Excellent work!

Jason Durall

Odovacar's Ghost said:
Hate to say it, but that still doesn't look right. Why can't anyone do a proper map anymore?

To keep things on the positive side, how about listing what you think is wrong or lacking in the map.

It's not to my taste, really, but I don't know if I'd say it's wrong (though the upper right corner needs a bit of fixing).
So, I'm not allowed to have my own opinion on maps? I have to back it up with my own work? Pretty much like saying, I don't like your car. So, I have to design a new car? That is pretty stupid. I do believe I can share my own opinion. You all like the map, that is fine.

What do I not like about it? Hmmm, perhaps a detail about the black kingdoms. What about the perfect 45 degree angle at the northeast part of the map. Unless, of course that was described in a book somwhere.

Now, what does it look like without all that crazy colouring everywhere? Though, if this is a proto-type risk board, then that would be GREAT!

Once again, I hate those stupid looking emoticons.

Oh, and if I can get beyond a 4 year old level of art, then then then....then I'd show you a map that beats all maps!


Of course you're allowed to have opinions on maps, that's why I asked for yours. You are not obliged to have to back up criticism with your own work (though it doesn't hurt), but your statment "Why can't anyone do a proper map anymore?" made it sound like you were speaking from personal experience, so I thought I'd ask. In any case, you definitely sounded like you knew for sure how a map SHOULD look, so I was asking for your input. You've told me how it SHOULDN'T look, how SHOULD it look?

The 90-degree angle at the top is an artifact of the original Marvel map: (warning, BIG file/image) (low-res version of the same map)

I was simply updating the old Marvel map in order to make it more useable as a game aid. Even at 400 dpi, the old Marvel map is hard to read.

Here's a version without political boundaries:

Here's a B&W version:

Once I get the cities and countries in, I'll make hi-res versions of each available.