How “official” are the system maps on Travellermaps?


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The main map obviously seems to be pretty official with them being recommended in Mongoose books but how official are the system maps, especially the number of worlds and types listed? If a world is said to be inhabited here is that the OTU take?
The UPP for the main world is "official". Pretty much everything else is not. Leastwise, what the system data is on Travellermap, Traveller Wiki, and the (definitely unofficial) Travellerworlds don't match.

Very few systems have ever been given full treatment in an official capacity.
To the OP:
If you click on a world, you'll get a link to that world's Traveller wiki entry. That wiki entry will tell you what historical era the UPP etc. is set in.
Something to remember with both travellermap and the Imperial Encyclopedia [the wiki] is that they take all sources into account. So, for example, if you look at Deneb Sector, some of the UPPs will be different Digest Group's [who published the first Deneb Sector map and data list in the 90s in The Traveller's Digest] and Mongoose Traveller 1st AND 2nd Editions.
Therefore, when using these two tools you have to select an era and a source and use that as your standard.
The world maps generated through the "c/o TravellerWorlds" link that take you to an entirely different site are, perhaps unsurprisingly, not official.
The extended UWP used by Traveller Map and generated with T5 is, in sector listings that carry the "Official" label, considered official with the caveat that much of the map has not seen development aside from the UWP listings. Needs and details do sometimes change as a result. The gas giants, belts, and additional worlds numbers are going to be pretty stable. Systems that go beyond that, published or not, are pretty rare. If you find those details on a wiki world page it is usually because a published adventure presented that data. There are some systems that have that data because of someone's campaign, and the wiki encourages people to say as much.

I've used the TravellerWorlds maps as springboards, but the algorithm is a bit staid about some things like tidal locking, so I will come up with reasons why a tidal lock isn't in force.

Ultimately, the Traveller Map information, and any Canon designation, is for writers of more Canon. Referees can and should modify what they need for their table.