Conan MRQ?


It seems that Mongoose decided to release material for Hyboria next year. See this link:

What do you think about this? Any opinions? Would you buy it?

What I really like to know is, if it pays off to buy the current conan d20 line to have the necessary source material and then play next year with MRQ Conan?
Eg. Author Vincent Darlage did a good job with the current line of books and his books are a great gaming source. I bought several ones and I like them (although I would never play the game using d20 of course)
Or is it better not to buy d20 stuff and to wait for additional material for MRQ Hyborian Adventures to avoid having redundant source material in the end?
We do play Conan d20 and find it the best d20 implementation yet. As you say, the source books are excellent, so don't be discouraged due to it being d20!

Whilst I have a fair amount of Conan d20 stuff, I will certainly have a look at RQ Conan, though buying loads of stuff will probably depend on the groups I play with. I can't help but think Conan will generally suit RQ - albeit withou the Runes and with some serious high-level magic.
Of course I will buy it. I have wanted a Conan RPG/Setting with a Basic Role-play like system for years, and now it seems I will have one.

If they decide to do RQ Babylon 5 I will buy that too! :)