Conan challenge


We're about a month away from the release of the next trade paperback, THE BLOODY CROWN OF CONAN, and I just saw the loose pages last week. They look GREAT! Gary's artwork looks as terrific as ever, and the paintings adapted to black and white brilliantly. Thank Crom for a first-class production department like we have here at Del Rey.

Remember the challenge, though. The book hits stores Tuesday, November 23, and all you Howard fans need to lay siege to your local book store. Buy your copies as soon as you can after Nov. 23. If you all hit the stores at once, we have a shot at getting onto the New York Times bestseller list. Won't that freak out the literary types!

There are a lot of book stores out there that only sell the bestsellers, so when BLOODY CROWN hits the list, hundreds of new stores will have to carry it. I think it's only actual "brick and mortar" stores--not the online stores--that report to the Times list, but if you've ordered from an online store, don't worry--that'll help, too. The higher we go on the online ratings, the more buzz we'll generate. So it's all good.

Steve Saffel
Editorial Director
Del Rey Books
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This is a chance for all Conan fans to gather together and show their support for their favorite Cimmerian!
In addition, if this book does make it to the NYT Best Sellers List, it show publishers that their is still a market for well written Sword & Sorcery stories. Seeing that interest it may become possible to get other authors reprinted and new authors fires up enough to start giving us new characters and stories.