Conan and Kids

Diabolus said:
My daughter asked for a Conan doll so she could have him save her Princess Yasmina doll from the evil snake god.

CROM! It made me want to lose my meal to see her use a three-inch DIEGO THE ANIMAL RESCUER as a stand-in.

LOL. Don't feel bad. This is Conan's steed in my game:

It's a nightmare.

As of last night Conan has been put into my daughter's story of High School Musical 4 (He takes Princess Yasmeena to the Prom after saving Gabriella and Troy from the Evil Man Brute played by her big stuffed frog).

Where's the eject button!?!?
Today we went to the park, only to find it was closed. My daughter said “Wrath-Amon must have used magic from the black ring to close the park. He’s a meanie.”
Diab you should be happy. If she is showing interest now, as she gets older she will hopefully still show interest and you can help guide her into being a true fan when she gets old enough for unfiltered Conan.