Combat Telepath



Since Mongoose Publishing is too poorly organized to create an online FAQ - can someone finish the statement under the Combat Telepath feat? The Signs and Portents book says:

"Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus to all Concentration checks made to use and maintain teleptahic abilites while............" :?:
Nice one. Begin your plea for help with an insult. Class...

The missing text is effectively: "....engaged in melee combat and attempting to use your telepathic powers defensively to avoid an attack of opportunity."

slingbld said:
I'm with you Augie :)

You call him Augie, and all I can think of is a tempermental Methuselah from Venice...damn, wrong company forum!! :wink:
Thank you for the quick reply on what what left out of the book.

Having just watched Decipher do the same thing to the LOTR RPG and then top it off by firing the entire department in charge of the RPG, I have very little patience with people who don't do their jobs. I work my rear off at my job and have for over 25 years, I expect the same from people who put thier work out in the public. If you want to see a well supported RPG, check out AEG. - no I don't work for them.

I have no problems changing rules that I don't feel work well, but I like to at least be able to figure out what they originally intended to do with the character first.
A bit harsh aren't we?

The big problem at Mongoose is that they have this policy where they hire only humans.

As we all know this unevolved species is quite prone to making errors, hence the deletion of the sentence's end. :wink:

Have you ever proofread a text? It is a tedious job that requires every ounce of attention one has because you have probably read the same book about 30 times by the time it hits the press. Eventually, your brain starts anticipating the text's content and doesn't see the mistakes anymore.

I'm not making excuses for the guys just explaining how these things happen.

For bad proofreading check out players guide to faerun, they even messed up the races (confusing gold and gray dwarves for example). It happens to every company.

While one must point out the mistakes they make, a little tolerance and respect towards the craftsmen is still indicated Jirel.
Oui il le cherchait. But what can you do, there are no forums off limits to humans yet, so we'll have to share the net with them till the fleet gets here.

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Oh and Jiral, you wrote:
"Thank you for the quick reply on what what left out of the book. "

See even you make mistakes now and then. :shock:

PS I know I forgot the "e" at the end of sitE in my last post. Damned humans are starting to contaminate me :evil: [/quote]
I make a lot of mistakes, I have a lot of health problems. I do think they should have an online FAQ though. On the other hand - if I do enough research maybe I can create one. I like B5 and want to run the RPG. Usually I'm not willing to do something like that because I don't know enough. But maybe I'll learn.
I think it was mentioned earlier, on another thread but....

I believe the reason there is no FAQ for the B5D20 is because, just like the books, they have to have big brother Warner approve of any FAQ before it can be posted. That is why you will see other products get the FAQ withing a month or so of release but there is still no FAQ for B5D20.

Give them time, it'll get here.