Combat, NPC and Environment Description Archives.


Hello all, After putting some thought into running my campaign and based on a reply I got on another post, I had an idea for listing various descriptions that could be used in any adventure at the drop of a hat and also help to give that much needed visual to players and get them excited about the game.

In example: I was thinking of the following types of descriptions and I'm sure there are so many others we could come up with.

Battle Descriptions as from the book i.e. Bludgeoning Weapons -" You strike him a terrible blow, and he keels over, his skull crushed in"

NPC Descriptions: With or without stats i.e " A huge savage looking figure with Dark skin and Blood soaked Armor stands before you, A large sword sheathed at his side, The man is so large his elbows are even with the height of your head , He does not look happy to see you"

Situation Descriptions: " After lifting the Gem from the Altar , a giant hole starts to reveal itself beneath your feet, as the earth trembles you see the doorway from which you came in starting to close"

Environment Descriptions: " The room is full of patrons tilting back brews and making a fool of themselves, There are about 30 patrons in this Pub and of them about 10 seem to be soldiers of the local guard. Round tables and chairs fill the room as wenches dance on the bar"

You know kind of like that, I know my writing is not great at this point but with some time could probably come up with something good.

I was hoping we could use this as a Post to list each persons different creative descriptions. If nothing else it will be fun. I Think :(