Cirque (T5) Conversion Ressources



i find the "Cirque" campaign for Traveller 5 (by Gregory P. Lee) quiet a fascinating read. I`m thinking about running it for my group, but -of course :wink: - with Mongoose rules.
Has anybody done this before and could share his insights / resources with me ? I've already googled but couldn't find much. Also any Handouts, Art, etc. (not system specific) would be really helpful, as the pictures and art in the module are not up to the standard my group has gotten used to.

Thanks !


Cosmic Mongoose
Human characters will have the same characteristics range between the two systems, and the Aslan and Vargr will be pretty close.

Skills are going to need interpretation, especially now that Mongoose has trimmed its skill list.

The ship probably can be converted, but unless you want that exercise, just use the ship as presented, replacing T5 weapons nomenclature with Mongoose based on description: triple laser turrets are triple laser turrets, etc. Personal weaponry works the same way; use the name to reference Mongoose numbers.