<--- hands Ghost a bucket and an eye dropper... thats the best way to put that melted brain back where it belongs......

Cheers. Luckily I only need a small eye dropper ;)

heres a question how easy will it be to add new stuff to it when the new books are available??? or maby put some home brew stuff in also???

It will be very easy. The whole thing is database driven so for any new races, skills, feats etc, it's just a case of adding a record or two :) I've currently got in all the info from the main rule book - that was quite a task in itself!

Once I'm happy that it all works ok (testing it is another mamoth task) then I can start adding in the extra stuff from other books. The only current limitation is that it does not cope with multi-classing, but one step at a time...

I'm hoping I will have something for you all to look at by the end of the week, but please don't quote me on that!

O and I forgot to say .... it feels soo great to finaly be a Mongoose.... PAAARRTYYYY....... :twisted:

I'm still a newbie :(
Actually, it appears as if you are a freshly spawned shrew. :wink: Congratulations on your successful 'chrysalis'.
Ghost Dancer,

You might want to throw it out to the boards people to do some of the later testing... if you have a small group of helpful people, it can make things a lot easier. Just be ready to ask a lot of questions, since many of us may not know software QA. :)

Just thought I'd keep you all updated as to my progress. I've been away for the last 4 days so I haven't been able to do any work on it. However, it's nearly at a usable stage. If I don't manage to work on it during the week, I will finish it over the weekend :)

There will be some limitations, but for the moment I want to get a usable version finished and tested. Once I'm happy with it, I will continue to add more functionality to it :D
kool ghost i cant wait to see it.. and O by the way if you need any graphics done for it im available i could always pad my resume with more work..... if your wondering im a Computer Graphics designer <out of work> and a Computer Animation Student <out of work> so if you need graphics done im available.....