Hello together,

has anybody out there thought about an character generator for d20 Babylon 5? There was once upon a time a chargen for d20 Star Wars, which was discontinued after pressure from wotc or lucasarts.
The question is, are there people currently working on a chargen.
Has anybody tried to convert the OkinDaRae Databases to Babylon 5.
And to mongoose publishing: is there any legal issue from your side with such a char gen?

I've just started working on an online character generator.

I'm currently writing a big campign which I hope to start running soon. I got bored partway through doing the 2nd NPC, and since there are a lot of NPCs, I thought I'd write something to do all the work for me :)

Granted, it will probably take me longer to write the generator than it would to just make the NPCs, but it will be less boring ;) Plus, all you guys will benefit from it too!

I'm not sure when it will be ready to use, maybe a few weeks from now? I am planning to make it do EVERYTHING - so you just enter the abilities, select the skills & feats, and it will do ALL the calculations for you :D

I'll probably add a facility so you can save your characters, should you need to come back to them at any point.

Watch this space...
id love to see it when you are done Ghost... maby instead of making it just for B5 you can also branch out to other D20.... because that is exactly what D20 needs is a good Character Generator.....
Thank you Ghost Dancer for your initiative, I'll be sure to check your work when you're done.
Good luck and I hope it won't be too much of a headache (I know it would be for me). :wink: :roll: :p
Count me in. I hate having to write up NPC's. Anything that helps me do that would be a great bonus.
Wow, thanks for the encouraging reponse :)

I'm at the mind numbing, data entry stage at the moment - inputting all the data for classes, skills, feats etc. :shock: once that's done, the coding shouldn't take me too long (I hope).
Not to disuade any work from a CharGen, but, has anyone looked into the difficulty of creating a data file for say the existing D20 proggies out there? Ie: What about player Genie, or DM Genie?

i also cant wait to see it.....

Neither can I ;)

I have actually made quite good progress with it but I am now at the most difficult stage - the feat selection page! My brain has started to melt out of my ears :shock:
<--- hands Ghost a bucket and an eye dropper... thats the best way to put that melted brain back where it belongs......

heres a question how easy will it be to add new stuff to it when the new books are available??? or maby put some home brew stuff in also???

O and I forgot to say .... it feels soo great to finaly be a Mongoose.... PAAARRTYYYY....... :twisted: