CharGen: Connections


OK, so we've been generating characters separately and planning on finalizing the Connections when we get together for our first session. Now it looks like we're going to have to do some bookkeeping to get everything straightened out.

For instance, one character rolled a diplomatic mission as a Navy event and we thought it would be cool to establish a connection to a previously rolled Diplomat character. However, the Navy guy went on to serve a few more terms, and when we matched things up the Diplomat character wasn't in the Diplomat career in the corresponding term.

Are we overthinking this, or do we need to make a chart of the player histories to figure out things like "4 terms ago I had this event, what were you doing then?"

Maybe our group is atypical, but we have players joining and leaving periodically. I'm not sure how to handle Connections for latecomers.

Or for players whose characters have been killed in action and are rolling a replacement.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Mongoose Gar

That's why Connections are only sketched out during the Events, and not finalised until the end.

You can be as flexible as you want on Connections. You don't even have to tie them to Events. They're there to
a) Provide a reason why PC 1 is hanging around with PC2
b) Let players grab a few extra skills to round out their characters
but there's no mechanical reason why a) has to link to b).

One option for players who join later is for the Referee to provide a list of possible connections ('if your PC is the sort of person who'd sign on with a tramp trader, have a skill'), or let them retroactively connect to another character ('I've never mentioned him before, but look! It's my brother Bob!')