Character Sheets


Banded Mongoose
So, I see an example of one in the updated book (pages 12 & 13), but not an actual, usable character sheet. Is there one?
Hi there,

You can find downloadable versions here:

Hope that helps!
Would it be possible to provide the character sheet for the Updated version of the Core Rules though? There isn’t one provided in the downloads - it is the old sheet.
I have those too - in physical form at least, as I got them with a Kickstarter.

However, the one exemplified in the 2022 Update is slightly different, as it doesn’t have the extra optional characteristics included.

I think that it was something that they made just for the update but haven’t yet (slightly ironically) updated the sheet to download.
Yes, the updated character sheet AND ship sheet portrayed in the new Core Rules 2022 update should be available in the downloads. Yet so far they are not. Mongoose, please get these uploaded.