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VampyrKnight said:

Here is an update on my current situation.

As some of you know I run a small website that covers gaming news

I am currently in the midst of moving that site to a new server, doing some design work for it and then building some additional features to allow me to have multiple authors working on the site.

So while that is going on I will probably not be able to work on any cards until I am finished.

I am hoping to have the site up and running soon and then finish the migration process to the new server by the end of the month but realistically speaking it may be not done until the middle of April

I am beginning to get into ACTA and saw Pixelgeek's ACTA ship card prototype. Per his recent posts, it appears that he won't be able to work on the cards for a little while.

So, inspired by his work, I kinda took things into my own hands and made some prototype cards of my own. The cards are in Microsoft Excel (I have no experience with graphics or desktop publishing software) and several Narn and Centauri ships have been made. The cards are largely based on Pixelgeek's design (without the cool borders, though). They are also formatted such that you can cut them out, fold them, and put them into a trading card sleeve.

As I am interested in getting opinions on the cards, making more cards for use (mine and other folks), but do not have a website to post them, if you are interested in seeing what I have, please PM me and I will email you a copy of my file. Please keep in mind that the print may be a little small, and I don't have a lot of flexibility to biggerize the print given the current card template format. In addition, weapon and ship traits have been abbreviated to save space. However, my file includes several prototype Special Ability cards that will explain what the traits are and how they work.


Scott 8)
I've been playing with something similar myself, but as I made the whole idea an opportunity to learn MacOS X programming, my work is a bit behind. :)

I like the idea of cards. There's some excellent sheets out there, but I had two issues when I last tried to use them:
1. We had some confusion and ended up with a mix of pre-SFoS/post-SFoS sheets. Our fault, admittedly.
2. The sheets had some information that was 'wasted ink' for our needs. I wasn't crazy about including the firing arcs,a s they're extremely simple, for example.

I'm still thankful for the sheets, though.
hey, nobody's perfect...! :wink:

maybe mongoose will one-up all of us and release their own cards in a book?