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Which fleet should pixelgeek produce cards for first

  • Centauri

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  • Narn

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  • Earth Alliance

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  • Minbari

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  • ISA

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  • Raiders

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  • Vorlon

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  • Shadow

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So I will soon be starting to produce card sets as I think that I have, thanks to everyone's input and feedback, managed to get them to a fairly workable level.

What I need to know is which fleets I should start with.

Hence the poll :)

Top two fleets get done first and then I'll start spitting them out in the order of precedence
ISA! Which else?

The nice thing about them is they're quick to produce and they mix well with any other fleet...Heck they were one of the first I always write for the AB files...
That's kinda funny, since at the local establishment I play only one person plays EA. ;) Of course, we've kinda made an effort not to overlap each other, race wise, but I think it's still amusing.
By order of the great and righteous leader Quacky Quack Quack

Earth Alliance is demanded !!!

Glory to the Ducks

hmm personaly i woude really like to see the EA cards do starting with a smaller fleet migth be smarter
EA, since they are probably the most played fleet out there. Though I would like to see Minbari second!

However, you may be better nocking out cards for some of the races with only a few choices in between those with loads of choices just to fill the gaps quicker.
Centauri. Nothing is quite as beautifully menacing as a Vorchan sweeping through the dust clud which was a G'Quan just moments before :D
Centauri and Earth Alliance.

Earth Alliance because its my fleet and the show was pretty much shown through the eyes of the Babylon 5's Earthforce soldiers.

Centauri because anything else would be uncivilized.
I thyink you should do Narn and Centuri as they are a classic set of opponents and both sets of ships are attractive as well as dangerous. Please don't just bow to doing ISA or Minbari as they have mega potent ships. Well thats my two pence worth anyway...