Can't wait to play this game

Tim Mercado

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! :twisted:

Just got my Conan shipments in!!! Ok, been about a week actually, I have been too busy reading. I think that this game has sooooo much promise it's not funny. Too bad I'm not back in the 'States where I can play it... :x

But I'm glad I got it!!! Many kudo's to all the writers involved. Don't know about the rest of you, but I got so sick of DnD, cyberpunk, etc. this is gonna really jump start my gaming engine again. Hopefully back in San Diego CA I can get a game going pretty quick!

Just thought I'd share. Tim

My D&D group absolutely jumped ship when this came out and we played the heck out of it with no one grumbling about lost magic and monsters. We are playing a D&D campaign right now and they are trying things that don't exist in the other game like multiple attacker penelties, etc. We'll say, nope, thats Conan and they will all grumble.

I forsee some house rules coming for D&D...