Campaign Rosters?

What should a healthy Campaign Roster look like? Or, what kind of Space Fleet would you

  • Mostly Warships!

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  • Mostly Battleships!

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  • Even on all Priority Levels!

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  • Mostly Raid-level!

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  • Mostly Skirmish-level vessels!

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  • Mostly Patrol ships and Fighters!

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What should a healthy Campaign Roster look like? Or, what kind of Space Fleet would you organize?

1) Mostly Warships! Break up a few points for fodder so that you can play the smaller scenarios. Fleets of Sharlins will make them wish they were never born!

2) Mostly Battleships! The occasional Warship and escort vessels are the key to a balanced Campaign. A battleline of Omegas and Apollos will make your opponent suffer the same fate of the Dilgar.

3) Even on all Priority Levels! 1 War, 2 Battle, 4 Raid, 6 Patrol, 8 Skirmish to cover all bases. Be able to play any scenario and not put all your eggs in one Priority Level.

4) Mostly Raid-level Cruisers and Destroyers! Crush your enemy with the overwhelming weight of hulls stacked to the forecastle with guns and the occasional Warship or Battleship as a Flagship.

5) Call up the Minutemen and flood your ranks with Skirmish-level vessels. Why fight a stand up fight when you can fight a Guerrila War? (One Octurian leading a storm of Vorchans makes my bowels turn to water.)

6) Scramble every able-bodied pilot and launch mostly Patrol ships! Your people are so desperate that even your President is flying a Fightercraft armed with nukes (ala the Yank movie, Independance Day)! Take off every Zig, for Great Justice!

7) None of the Above! Don't tell me how to run my fleet, you Earther Spy! And get your McDonalds franchise out of my Mess Hall!

I'm going to set sail with a Brakiri Fleet very soon, mostly full of Kaliva Lance Cruisers supported by Ikortas. So, I'm sort of wondering what some people would field in their bid for the Galactic Campaign. Those who have played a campaign before, please tell us what worked (or didn't work) for you.
it depends on how many are playing in the campaign.
if you find yourself engaged by more than 1 player per turn you're going to need to spread your fleet around so lots of small ships may be needed and you'll not be wanting to play a 4 point battle scenario if all you have after 2 fights are a couple skirmishers. picking your engagement priority level is key.

at the beginning of the campaign, I would have a couple heavy hitters (battle, maybe a war) but you should come with a large proportion of raid, skirmish, and patrol. I'd probably spend 2/3 to 3/4 of my allotment on the smaller 3 PL's to start.

well to minimize loses you want to fight at lower pls (except Minbari, ISA, Vorlons and Shadows) so go for Raid or Skirmish as thats were you should be fighting most your battles
Having just started a campaign with Brakiri, I chose
1x Tashkat
2x Brokados
2x Avioki (I happen to like the Avioki, and it's served me well)
2x Halik
2x Haltona
2x Ikorta
1x Brikorta
2x Falkosi Wing
2x Breaching Pod

I find just one or two War class ships sufficient - you won't fight many War combats, you can buy extras after you win a couple of targets. I always bring 'spare' fighters to re-supply carriers in case of a shortage of points to buy new ones. Concentrate on Skirmish and Raid class ships, since they can be used in any combat from patrol up to Battle, and you'll usually want a few in any War PL as well.

First purchases, after you replace losses, should be Skirmish and Patrol. They're cheap, fragile, and highly useful. Of course, the only Brakiri Patrol choices are Falkosi and Breaching Pods (I added the Pikitos), so go for Skirmish.

Depends a lot on the race and campaign rules involved.
With the standard rules, weighting is towards lower point games, so everyone needs something at low levels.
As Centauri, capitalize on raid & skirmish advantages with 1 point of patrol for Corvans & a couple of Primii
As EA, stick to raid & battle. Your skirmish ships are expendable supports, 1 point of Hermes to make life easier
Narn actually have the ShoKos/ShoKov that can absorb some decent damage. The ShoKov also can cause some rather annoying crits.
Minbari. Don't take a damn thing below raid. The Torotha is the fastest dying skirmish ship I know. Live with fielding 1-2 ships a battle.
Drazi: take lots and lots of skirmish ships. You actually have hull 6 skirmish ships, and with everyone bore-sighted initiative sinks are your life's blood.
ISA: 1 Vistory, swarms of Whitestars & a couple of league skirmish hulls.
Raiders: You are going to lose. Accept that and try breaching pods & delta V swarms to distract everyone from the shiny league ships you're trying out for a real game... :wink:
Don't know Abbai, Brakiri or Vree well enough to plot them.
If your using rules which use a point based system for ships, and also economy points to repair ships etc and a man power point system to replace crew points 'killed' in combat, then you need to think about protecting those worlds, colonies and outposts which generate those points.
Its no use having a great battle fleet if it leaves all your systems undefended!
Yeah I'm in a pinch. I only have the Brakiri Fleet Box set and a spare Avioki, which leans my roster toward the Battleship/Warship heavy TO&E.

Lots of Falkosi Fighters [PATROL]

Given my chances of going up against a few Minbari players, I would go with the Takata and Kaliva varients. I'm slow and I need the long-ranged armanent. If so, then my Campaign Roster would look like:

2x Takata
4x Kaliva
1x Batrado
5x Ikorta (gonna need to borrow one)

This is assuming one Battle Point makes for one Raid and two Skirmish. I have looked at the stats of the Falkosi and am not entiredly impressed enough to take a battle point worth of fighters. By nature, my ships don't carry fighters. I guess, my question is, can a fleet survive without fighter support?
If given a chance I'd go heavily towards the upper end of the lists and if I could just use those fleets. However for most campaigns I realize that there needs to be a lot of smaller ships with one or two real titans of that race available just in case you get a chance to really outnumber someone.
Probably would have to pick the balanced fleet, slanted a bit toward the races advantage. Such as more Battle/War in the Minbari and more Skirmish for the Drazi.