Campaign report styles

What level of detail (if any) for Campaign reports would you like?

  • 1 - Post it all! I LOVE overload/long posts! (Fluff, set-up, summaries)

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  • 2 - Post Set-up and summaries with no fluff. (Set-up & summaries)

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  • 3 - Just the summaries with no fluff/set-up. (Summaries only)

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  • 4 - Ah, who cares about campaigns? Forget this!

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My traditional opponent and I started our ISA vs Minbari campaign last weekend. I've finally gotten a write up done for the 5 turns we performed, including brief (and I mean brief) summaries of the two battles fought so far. I'm curious if the board is interested in having a posting of what's happened so far. I had also written up some "fluff", but I'm considering restricting that to when I put the whole thing up on my free website offered by my account, but I'll put that in as an option.

Anyway, just asking for opinions.

Thanks for the feedback...
I vote fluff, it keeps you doing something constructive.
Plus It gives me ideas as well as the next guy. And improves my writing, for I too will be starting a campaign soon.... (see sig.)
Okay, well, now that the poll has ended...

Well, that answers my question, I suppose. I'll go ahead and post a setup post with a fiction part at the end, so that if you want to read the fluff, go ahead. And the reason for the names of the ISA fleet will be explained in the fluff...heh.

I imagine that I'll follow up with a post detailing the turns that we've played so far. Then, maybe put up a post with a header of [Fiction] to denote the fluff posts detailing the story behind the scenes of the ISA's actions. That way, those who want to read them can while those who would prefer to skip them can. Don't want to force anyone to read writing they don't want to...