Campaign on Vassal

I'm still waiting to hear from Locarno about the map and such. Plus we need to get our copies of Armageddon before we can begin so we have to wait for that to be released.
We can get the nuts and bolts sorted before Armageddon is released but we certainly need a map/system layout and choosing our fleets before we all get started.

I've already chosen mine, but then again the Drakh are hardly affected by Armageddon!
I was about to say I want to see the new ships before choosing my fleet, but we didn't set the campaign late enough to use them! :lol:

I'll bash out a fleet list and PM it to Locarno in the next few days. If the rest of you guys could do the same we might make some progress... :p
By the way, in Armageddon Battle level points will be able to be split as follows:

1 Battle choice
2 Raid
3 Skirmish
6 Patrol

The important changes to note are no "1 Raid and 2 Skirmish" choice splits and you can take 6 Patrol choices rather than 4 Patrol choices at the moment.

I've offered two options although the changes between the Armageddon compatible list and the SFoS list are minimal.
I sent my fleet in just now. I'm quite happy with the list although I'm short of some ships I wanted more of... oh well, do well in a battle and I can buy more...
I was wrong about the "no more 1 Raid and 2 Skirmish". This option is still present and even exaggerated slightly in Armageddon! I'll need to slightly rejig my list to give me extra ships for free using the new points breakdowns!!! (I can get an extra Raid and three Skirmish ships if I use the splits correctly)
Triggy said:
On the different races theme - I agree that if possible it would be good to have everyone as a different race. We just need the Narn now and we have a mix of all the major players in 2262 (barring League worlds).

Are we limiting fleets to a 2262 in-service date? Or am I able to create a Crusade era list?
We're about full anyway, but I'll give you a Vassal walkthrough sometime. Add me to MSN if you have it, details on my profile, and you can jump in if anyone has to drop out.