Campaign on Vassal

Well, I asked about this on the rulesmasters thread - if the tourny organiser says it's okay... then it's okay.

And so is using General Lefcourt, and Sinclair's alpha flight, and the Dusk Coutari, and so on...
Yeah, if the tourney organizer says it's OK, then the Ingata is allowed. By default (rules as written), it's not.
Gentlemen*, sorry to bother you like this, but I have some rather bad news (which I also offer as an explanation for my lack of dealing with things this week). This post is coming to you via my local library's internet desk, as my laptop exploded** tuesday night, and I've yet to get an opinion on whether it's repairable, let alone get it done.

The good news is that I do have all your fleet lists, etc, backed up as excel spreadsheets on a disk, so all is not lost. PDFs, however, are a bit unlikely in the near future...

Having read the rather substantial mudslinging*** on the thread, I feel compelled to ask who/if is still participating?

* And/or Evil Genii bent on World Domination.
** I'm not being melodramatic here - there was a load crack, a puff of blue-grey smoke out of the power adaptor, the works....
*** I did say 'Gentlemen', please don't make a liar out of me.
Sorry to hear about your laptop Locarno. Thats a serious pain.
Thanks for your time and effort.

Things i've learned from this campaign.
Play it by the book.
Less players, less delay in playing.
Only the gamesmaster should be allowed to post on the campaign thread, all questions/reports through the gamemaster by pm. All battle reports submitted by players sent to gamemaster first, should be open to editing by the gamemaster, to remove any argumentative bull.

I really enjoyed it up until its implosion. 8)
Hm, maybe the negative karma from this campaign made its way through cyberspace to your very laptop...

I'll have to take myself is getting in the way.
sorry about what happened to your laptop i now what it feels like my desktop blow and cost me £240

As for the game im still in but with so meany poeple out now i think its just start all over and make sour about all rules from day one that is if any wonts to still :)
I'd play, if its 4 player, strictly by the book.
And with the emphasis for the campaign on having fun!
Is it possible to play and be gamesmaster?
Ok, I created a yahoo group so we can more easily organize and keep current with campaigns and other games. Might be easier to organize them that way, and keep the spam seperated from campaign business.

This is -not- a group to debate rules, or to argue about tactics, or beardy dice, or any personal crap like that. If we can keep it clean, I think it'll be a great way of getting some really good campaigns working.

If any of you are interested, you can find the group at;