Calling all TAS Publishers and Fans!

I think there is a need to consider the relationship between TAS and the upcoming Traveller open licence carefully. The key difference is the ability to publish material for the OTU through TAS. Those creating their own universes are gravitating towards the existing open licence (i.e. Cepheus). This makes sense. So the natural model is a three-tier system where Mongoose / FFE publish official Traveller content, third-party publishers who want to use the official setting gravitate towards TAS, and those creating something original use the open licence. I think this model works, but TAS has historically been caught between the two other options. Official releases get most of the hype and a lot of interesting stuff is being produced under the OGL that strengthens the brand as a whole. But TAS is the middle child. So here are a few suggestions on how to improve the program. Firstly, consider allowing TAS publishers to produce material for the 2300AD setting as well as the OTU. Second, see if FFU will allow third-party publishers to produce material for T5 under TAS. Thirdly, reach out to successful Cepheus / OGL publishers and see if they would allow other parties to produce work for their settings under TAS.
Here's another option - how about allowing TAS products to explore alternative histories in the OTU? There are many potential turning points in the setting that could be explored by a good author.
It seems that we could use a bit of clarification on the terms also.

TAS program- publishing program exclusive to the DriveThru platform for PDF (and print on demand)
IP allowed: Mongoose**, (+ adding ?)

Interface program* - publishing program to allow Mongoose IP to be converted to VTT, non-exclusive to any one platform
IP allowed: Same as TAS program, likely a tweak to AI art rules

One stumbling block for the Interface program is DriveThru and Roll20 might restrict anything published as part of TAS to be allowed to be published on any VTT other than Roll20. That is not the case currently to my understanding but I have no idea on just how complicated it will become.

*Totally made up name

** From the July 20 2023 update

Your work can use any of the game system rules and game terms found in the current edition Traveller books published by Mongoose Publishing.

You are allowed to use the Traveller setting as presented in the current Traveller edition books published by Mongoose Publishing as well as any Mongoose-published book covering the official Third Imperium setting (for example, Spinward Marches). This includes the names of all characters, races, and places and all gear, equipment and vessels; the capitalized names and original names of places, countries, creatures, geographic locations, historic events, items, ships, and organizations presented in those books.

To be clear, the setting of 2300AD is not open for use at this time.

Many have posted about expanding the IP allowed to be covered under TAS.

After reading Matt's comments through again it seems like there does need to be a totally separate program created for VTT options. That is where my own personal interests lay.